Research Paper Volume 13, Issue 18 pp 22286—22297

ASXL1 promotes adrenocortical carcinoma and is associated with chemoresistance to EDP regimen


Figure 1. Gain of function of ASXL1 was common in adrenocortical carcinoma (ACC). (A) Reproduced from TCGA pan-cancer cohorts (Firehose) and ACC cohort (N = 75), shown were Gain and amplification of ASXL1 across cancer types; (B) Cases with gain of function of ASXL1 (N = 51), ASXL2 (N = 17) and ASXL3 (N = 3) and box plot of expressions of ASXL1, ASXL2 and ASXL3 against copy number alteration; (C) Kaplan-Meier plots of overall and disease-free survival in ACC patients with or without ASXL1 overexpression, compared by the log-rank test; (D) Volcano plot of significantly enriched mutation and expression of genes in ACC cases with gain of function of ASXL1; (E) Bar figure showing frequency of gene mutation in ASXL1-altered (gain of function) and -unaltered group; (F) Functional annotation by NET-GE of genes enriched in (D) using KEGG; (G) GSEA analysis of genes enriched in (D) (ns = not significant; q value denoting false discovery rate, *P < 0.05; **P <0.01).