Research Paper Volume 13, Issue 18 pp 22375—22389

A new mechanism of POCD caused by sevoflurane in mice: cognitive impairment induced by cross-dysfunction of iron and glucose metabolism


Figure 6. Sev downregulated or increased the expression of key enzyme genes or proteins in glucose metabolism in the cortex or hippocampus. The mRNA expression of G6Pase and Pck1 (A, B); HK1 and PKM1 (E, F); Pdha1, Idh2, and Cs (I, J) in cortex and hippocampus was measured by real-time PCR. The expression of Pck1 (C, D), PKM1 (G, H) and Cs (K, L) protein in cortex and hippocampus was tested by western blot. Data are expressed as mean ±SD, n=5 (**p<0.01vs. control group, *p<0.05 vs. control group). (M, N) Showed the expression of Pck1 and Cs in cortex by immunofluorescence, respectively.