Research Paper Volume 13, Issue 18 pp 21975—21990

Thymus hirtus sp. algeriensis Boiss. and Reut. volatile oil enhances TRAIL/Apo2L induced apoptosis and inhibits colon carcinogenesis through upregulation of death receptor pathway


Figure 6. (A) Food intake (ii), water consumption (iii), body weight (vi) of mice treated with thyme essential oil (12.5 mg/ml and 50 mg/ml), LPS or both LPS and essential oil and colon length (vi) of different groups treated with drugs. (B) Histomorphological evaluation of mouse bearing colon tumor. a-d: normal colon mucosal with intact epithelium; e, f: colon carcinoma; g, h: mild injuries in colon; i: tissues damage (H&E staining, Magnification b, c, e ×10; a, d, f ×40). (C) Photomicrograph showing colon colorectal adenocarcinoma in LPS-treated groups. Microadenoma (a); invasive adenocarcinoma (b); tubular adenoma with inflammatory cells (c) and tumor buds (d). Black arrows-inflammatory cell infiltration within mucosa and pink arrows-inflammatory cell infiltration within submucosa; blue arrow-cancer cells, green arrows-crypt and goblet cell loss (H&E staining, Magnification ×40).