Research Paper Volume 13, Issue 18 pp 22588—22610

GPR43 regulation of mitochondrial damage to alleviate inflammatory reaction in sepsis


Figure 7. Interaction of PAK4 with PPARγ to regulate Nox1 expression. Robust interaction between PAK4 and PPARγ was confirmed by IP (A); PAK4 and PPARγ expressions in macrophage by LPS+ATP (B); PPARγ binding with the Nox1 promoter in macrophage by LPS+ATP (C); PAK4, PPARγ and Nox1 protein expressions in macrophage by LPS+ATP+4-CMTB (D, E). Control, control group; LPS+ATP+4-CMTB, macrophage by treated with LPS+ATP+4-CMTB. ##p<0.01 compared with control group; **p<0.01 compared with down-regulation of GPR43.