Research Paper Volume 13, Issue 18 pp 22092—22108

Adulthood systemic inflammation accelerates the trajectory of age-related cognitive decline


Figure 3. Decreased NMDAR-mediated synaptic responses associated with prior LPS treatment. Input-output curves for the mean slope (± SEM) of the total fEPSP (A) and NMDAR-fEPSP (B) evoked by increasing stimulation voltage (V). Data is presented for the vehicle (open circles) and LPS treatment (filled circles) recorded at 18 months, 12 months after the final LPS or vehicle injection. (C) Bars illustrating mean percentage change in NMDAR fEPSP slope induced by bath application of DTT in slices obtained from LPS (n = 7/4 slices/animal) or vehicle (n = 7/4 slices/animal)-treated animals. The distribution of individual responses is also depicted.