Research Paper Volume 13, Issue 19 pp 23119—23132

Ribosome profiling reveals translatome remodeling in cancer cells in response to zinc oxide nanoparticles


Figure 3. ZnO NPs affect gene expression at the translational level. (A) Schematic of the experimental design. Cells were treated with 5 μg/mL of ZnO NPs. (B) Volcano plots of genes with differential ribosome occupancy in control and ZnO NP-treated cells. (C) Correlation of RNA-seq data and Ribo-seq data between control and ZnO NPs-treated group. (D) Scatterplot of mRNA expression and ribosome profiling data from control and ZnO NPs-treated cells. The number of up-regulated and down-regulated genes at mRNA level and translational level was indicated. (E) Heat map diagram of differentially expressed genes. (F) KEGG pathway of translationally down-regulated genes. (G) KEGG pathway of translationally up-regulated genes.