Research Paper Volume 14, Issue 4 pp 2004—2013

MKRN2 inhibits the proliferation of gastric cancer by downregulating PKM2


Figure 1. Reduced expression of MKRN2 was found in human and gastric cancer (GC) cell line samples. By referring to the TCGA, we found that MKRN2 expression was associated with cell signaling pathways related to cell proliferation (A). Expression of MKRN2 in gastric cancer tissues (n=93) as compared to adjacent tissues (n=83) (B, E). The reduced expression of MKRN2 in GC tissues as compared to adjacent issues by relative expression (the expression ratio of gastric cancer to normal tissue, GC/NT) (C). The expression of MKRN2 in gastric cancer tissues positively correlates with patient survival rate. Kaplan-Meier curves show patients with high MKRN2 expression have better overall survival than the patients with lower expression (D).