Research Paper Volume 13, Issue 21 pp 24037—24049

MiRNA-30e downregulation increases cancer cell proliferation, invasion and tumor growth through targeting RPS6KB1


Figure 1. MiR-30e expression was downregulated in human esophageal carcinoma tissues compared to normal adjacent esophageal tissues. (A) The relative expression levels of miR-30e were detected by qRT-PCR and normalized to an endogenous control (U6 RNA) in 46 pairs of human esophageal carcinoma tissues. The results represent the ratio of miR-30e levels in tumor tissues to adjacent normal tissues. (B) Relative expression levels of miR-30e in of 185 human esophageal carcinoma tissues were compared with 13 normal tissues in TCGA database ( (C) The miR-30e expression levels of adjacent normal esophageal tissues and esophageal carcinoma tissues were analyzed in the public GEO dataset (GSE67268, Data represent mean ± SD of 3 replicates. *indicates significant difference at P < 0.05; **indicates significant difference at P < 0.01.