Research Paper Volume 13, Issue 21 pp 24037—24049

MiRNA-30e downregulation increases cancer cell proliferation, invasion and tumor growth through targeting RPS6KB1


Figure 2. MiR-30e overexpression inhibited cell proliferation, invasion, tube formation and colony formation of cancer cells. (A) Human esophageal cancer Kyse30 cells and cervix cancer Hela cells were transfected with negative control miRNA (miR-NC) and miR-30e mimic, and the cells were cultured and stained using EdU. Immunofluorescence images of EdU, a cell proliferation marker, were analyzed in Kyse30 and Hela cells. (B) These cells were used to study cell invasion using the Transwell chambers with pre-coated Matrigel. (C) Conditioned media were collected from Kyse30 and Hela cells overexpressing miR-30e and miR-NC. HUVECs were used to test tube formation using the conditioned media obtained above. (D) Indicated cells were used for clonogenic assay. (E) Indicated cells were used for colony formation assay. Data represent mean ± SD of 3 replicates. **indicates significant difference at P < 0.01.