Research Paper Volume 13, Issue 21 pp 24171—24191

LncRNA OTUD6B-AS1 promotes paclitaxel resistance in triple negative breast cancer by regulation of miR-26a-5p/MTDH pathway-mediated autophagy and genomic instability


Figure 2. The identified 3 miRNAs in breast cancer. (A) Three autophagy-related miRNAs are identified, among which (B) let-7b-3p is positive co-expression with BCL2 and NBR1, miR-26a-5p is negative co-expression with HSPA8, miR-151a-5p is positive co-expression with RHEB, BIRC5, and HSP90AB1, and negative co-expression with GRID1 and FOXO1. (C) The prognosis characteristics of three miRNAs from TCGA by K-M analysis. (D) The expression of 3 miRNAs in breast cancer tissues and adjacent tissues. (E) The expression of 3 miRNAs in TNBC tissues and other types of breast cancer tissues. (F and G) The relationship between the expression profile of 3 miRNAs and the genomic altered faction status.