Research Paper Volume 13, Issue 21 pp 24313—24338

Establishment of a tumor immune microenvironment-based molecular classification system of breast cancer for immunotherapy


Figure 2. Identified immune-activated and -suppressed subclasses of the immune class. (A) Based on the activation of stromal signatures, the immune class was divided into immune-suppressed (217/407, 53.3%; blue bar) and immune-activated (190/407, 46.7%, red bar) subclasses by NTP. Immune suppression-related signatures were compared between the immune-activated and -suppressed classes. Red and blue bars correspond to high and low scores of each signature, respectively. The signatures predicted to be positive by the NTP algorithm are marked in red, and those predicted to be negative are marked in gray. (B) Expression levels of immunosuppressive genes were compared between the immune-activated and -suppressed subclasses. Abbreviations: TITR: tumor-infiltrating Tregs; MDSC: myeloid-derived suppressor cell; C-ECM: cancer-associated extracellular matrix; NTP: nearest template prediction; ns: not significant. P > 0.05, ****P ≤ 0.0001).