Research Paper Volume 13, Issue 21 pp 24417—24431

RIP3 Inhibition ameliorates chronic constriction injury-induced neuropathic pain by suppressing JNK signaling


Figure 6. The variation in the expression of RIP3, p-JNK, and c-Fos in LPS-stimulated astrocytes after treatment with RIP3 inhibitors and JNK inhibitors. (A) The levels of RIP3, p-JNK, JNK, c-Fos and GAPDH in different groups of astrocytes. (B) The mRNA levels of TNF-α, IL-1β and IL-6 in different groups of astrocytes. Data are shown as mean SD (n = 8). *P < 0.05, in contrast with control groups, #P < 0.05, in contrast with the LPS group.