Research Paper Volume 13, Issue 21 pp 24464—24475

Propofol suppresses the growth and invasion of cervical carcinoma cells by inhibiting MIR155HG


Figure 2. Differentially expressed lncRNAs in cervical cancer. (A) The volcano plots of GSE6791 and GSE63514 were constructed using fold-change value and P-value, and the differentially expressed lncRNAs were signed in red or blue. (B) Venn diagram of dysregulated lncRNAs in common from the two datasets. (C) The expression profiling of MIR155HG in cervical cancer tissue (G1) and normal tissue (Normal) was analyzed using GTEx. (D) Caski and SiHa was transfected with sh-MIR155HG. The expression of MIR155HG was determined by qRT-PCR. (E) The growth of cervical cancer cell was evaluated with colony formation assay. (F) Transwell invasion assay of MIR155HG silencing Caski and SiHa cell. **P<0.01 compared with sh-NC.