Research Paper Volume 13, Issue 22 pp 24686—24709

Genomic mutation features identify distinct BRCA-associated mutation characteristics in endometrioid carcinoma and endometrioid ovarian carcinoma


Figure 7. Olaparib promotes DNA damage in EC and EnOC and inhibits tumor growth in vivo. (A) Western blot of cell lines treated with DMSO and Olaparib. (BE) Immunofluorescence and quantification of r-H2AX in A2780, KLE and HEC-1. (F) Tumor volume and weight after treated with Olaparib and Vehicle. (G) Immunohistochemistry analysis of Ki67 and the statistical chart. * P<0.05; ** P<0.01; ***P<0.001; ****P<0.0001; ns indicated that there was no significant statistical difference.