Research Paper Volume 13, Issue 22 pp 24740—24752

Inhibition of Fam114A1 protects melanocytes from apoptosis through higher RACK1 expression


Figure 3. RACK1 is the regulatory target protein of Fam114A1. (A) In the control and sh-Fam groups, regardless of whether RACK1 or FAM1141 antibody was used for Co-IP, the mutual binding of RACK1 and Fam114A1 was observed, and it was observed that after the expression of Fam114A1 protein was inhibited, the co-precipitated RACK1 protein increased instead. (B, C) The expression of RACK1 in melanocyte of Fam, sh-Fam and their controls was detected by western bolt, the expression of RACK1 protein is negatively regulated by Fam114A1 protein. Statistical analyses were performed using one-way ANOVA and Dunnett’s post hoc test: **P < 0.01 vs Control. (D) The immunofluorescence detection of RACK1, the negatively regulation between Fam114A1 and RACK1 was confirmed once again.