Research Paper Volume 13, Issue 22 pp 24795—24814

Identification of pyroptosis-related signature for cervical cancer predicting prognosis


Figure 5. The relationship between the pyroptosis-related signature and the TMB, TME, and immune cell infiltration. (A) Patients in the high-risk group had lower TMB (P<0.05). (B) The correlation between risk score and TMB (R=-0.14, P<0.05). (C) Kaplan-Meier curves showed lower overall survival rates in the low-TMB combined with the high-risk group than in the other three groups(P<0.05). (D) The relationship between the risk score and TME, patients in the high-risk group had the lower stromal score, immune score, and estimate score(P<0.05). (E) The relationship between the risk score and immune cell infiltration is based on TIMER, QUANTISEQ, MCPCOUNTER, and CIBERSORT algorithm. Bubble plot for immune responses significantly associated with a risk score. TMB, tumor mutation burden. TME, tumor microenvironment.