Research Paper Volume 13, Issue 22 pp 24815—24828

Atorvastatin combined with dexamethasone promote hematoma absorption in an optimized rat model of chronic subdural hematoma


Figure 1. Illustration of the rat model of CSDH. (A) The sphenoid burr hole was made using a modified drill, and the dura was punctured under a microscope. (a) The microscopic photograph of the burr hole. (B) Prepare the cell-matrix glue mixture for injection. Representative photomicrograph of the morphology of bEnd.3 cells under light microscope and Sigma-Aldrich Matrigel. (C) A photograph of the entire assembly comprised of a stereotaxic frame and a stereotaxic injector with a 20-gauge catheter. (c) Zooming diagram of model rat. (D) Schematic diagram of drilled sphenoid burr hole, punctured dural hole, and catheter perfusion.