Research Paper Volume 13, Issue 22 pp 24850—24865

Long noncoding RNA NEAT1 inhibits the acetylation of PTEN through the miR-524-5p /HDAC1 axis to promote the proliferation and invasion of laryngeal cancer cells


Figure 3. NEAT1 bound to miR-524-5p and inhibited its expression. QPCR was performed to analyze the levels of miR-524-5p in human laryngocarcinoma tissues and normal adjacent tissues (A) and laryngocarcinoma patients with different stage tumors (B). (C) Spearman’s correlation analysis was used to evaluate the expression relationship between NEAT1 and miR-524-5p. (D) The predicted binding sites of NEAT1 and miR-524-5p. (E) The luciferase reporter gene assay was conducted to confirm the target relationship between NEAT1 and miR-524-5p. (F) RIP assay was conducted to examine miR-524-5p endogenously associated with NEAT1. (G) The level of miR-524-5p in normal nasopharyngeal epithelial cell line and laryngocarcinoma cell lines. (H) The expression of miR-524-5p in TU212 and M2E cells after transfection with si-NEAT1. ** P < 0.01 versus NC-mimic, Anti-lgG, normal adjacent tissues, laryngocarcinoma patients with stage I/II, NP69 or Scramble.