Research Paper Volume 13, Issue 22 pp 24850—24865

Long noncoding RNA NEAT1 inhibits the acetylation of PTEN through the miR-524-5p /HDAC1 axis to promote the proliferation and invasion of laryngeal cancer cells


Figure 8. NEAT1 promoted laryngocarcinoma cell proliferation and invasion by inhibiting histone acetylation. (A) TU212 and M2E cells were transfected with pcDNA-NEAT1 or/and si-HDAC1, and the mRNA level of HDAC1 was detected using qPCR. (B, C) Cell proliferation was assessed with CCK-8 assay in TU212 and M2E cells. (D) Apoptosis rates were detected using Flow cytometry. (E) The invasion ability was evaluated using Transwell invasion assay. (F, G) Western blot was used to detect the protein expression levels of HDAC1, H3, Ac-H3, H4, Ac-H4, PTEN, Ac-PTEN, AKT and p-AKT. ** P < 0.01 versus Vector and Scramble or Vector and si-HDAC1.