Research Paper Volume 13, Issue 23 pp 25153—25179

A circadian rhythm-related gene signature associated with tumor immunity, cisplatin efficacy, and prognosis in bladder cancer


Figure 3. Validation of the prognostic value of CRRS. (A, B) The 3- (A) and 5-year (B) calibration plots. (C, D) The Kaplan-Meier survival analysis with a log-rank test in TCGA-BLCA cohort (C) and GSE32894 cohort (D). (E, F) The time-dependent ROC curve in TCGA-BLCA cases (E) and GSE32894 cases (F). (G, H) The distribution of the CRRS (up) and survival statuses (down) in the TCGA-BLCA cohort (G) and GSE32894 cohort (H). CRRS, circadian rhythm-related score; TCGA, the Cancer Genome Atlas; ROC, receiver operating curve.