Research Paper Volume 13, Issue 23 pp 25153—25179

A circadian rhythm-related gene signature associated with tumor immunity, cisplatin efficacy, and prognosis in bladder cancer


Figure 7. Functional enrichment analyses. (A) The heatmap displaying the significant phenotypes associated with CRRS. (B) A sum of 9 hallmarks was identified with the limma package. (C) Venn plot showing 9 phenotypes were overlapped from GSEA and GSVA analyses. (D) The overlapped 9 phenotypes included allograft rejection, angiogenesis, coagulation, complement, epithelial-mesenchymal transition, IL6-JAK-STAT3 signaling, inflammatory response, KRAS signaling, and TNFα signaling via NFKB. CRRS, circadian rhythm-related score; GSEA, gene set enrichment analysis; GSVA, gene set variation analysis.