Research Paper Volume 13, Issue 23 pp 25195—25212

YY1 and eIF4A3 are mediators of the cell proliferation, migration and invasion in cholangiocarcinoma promoted by circ-ZNF609 by targeting miR-432-5p to regulate LRRC1


Figure 2. Silencing circ-ZNF609 inhibited the proliferation of cholangiocarcinoma cells. (A) The relative circ-ZNF609 expression in CCLP-1, QBC939, TFK-1, RBE cells and normal HIBEC. (B) The two siRNAs interference efficiency detection of circ-ZNF609. (CE) CCK-8 assay, EdU and colony formation assay were used to detect the proliferation ability of CCA cells after circ-ZNF609 knockdown. (F) Tumor xenograft assay was used to measure tumor growth after silencing circ-ZNF609 in vivo. *P< 0.05; **P< 0.01; ***P< 0.001.