Research Paper Volume 13, Issue 23 pp 25271—25290

An integrative pan-cancer analysis reveals the oncogenic role of mutS homolog 6 (MSH6) in human tumors


Figure 1. The MSH6 expression level in different tumor tissues and stages. (A) The TCGA project’s MSH6 gene expression difference in different tumors or specific tumor subtype tissues and adjacent normal tissues was analyzed by TIMER2. *P<0.05; **P<0.01; ***P<0.001. (B) In the GTEx database, the corresponding normal tissues were applied as controls, and GEPIA2 was applied to analyze the expression status of MSH6 gene in LGG, SKCM, DLBC, TGCT and THYM tumors. *P <0.05. (C) Difference of the MSH6 total protein expression between normal and tumor tissues of breast cancer, lung adenocarcinoma, colon cancer, ovarian cancer and clear cell RCC were analyzed based on the CPTAC dataset. ***P<0.001. (D) On the basis of the TCGA dataset, GEPIA2 was applied to analyze the expression level of MSH6 gene by the different pathological stages (stage I, II, III, IV and V) in LUAD, KICH, LIHC, ACC, KIRP, OV and SKCM tumors.