Correction Volume 14, Issue 5 pp 2434—2435

Correction for: Calycosin stimulates the proliferation of endothelial cells, but not breast cancer cells, via a feedback loop involving RP11-65M17.3, BRIP1 and ERα


Figure 5. Effects of calycosin on OVX rats and the activation of the RP11-65M17.3-ERα loop in aortic ECs. (A) OVX rats were treated for 20 days with calycosin (0 or 8 mg/kg), 8 mg/kg calycosin and 5 mg/kg MPP, 8 mg/kg calycosin and RP11-65M17.3 shRNA, 20 μg/kg E2, 20 μg/kg E2 and 5 mg/kg MPP, 20 μg/kg E2 and RP11-65M17.3 shRNA. The uterine index was calculated by the percentage of the uterus weight relative to the body weight. (B) The uterine tissues were stained with HE. (CI) The levels of RP11-65M17.3, ERα, BRIP1 and PARP-1 in aortic ECs were determined using qRT-PCR or Western blotting. Representative data from three independent experiments are shown. *p < 0.05 vs. OVX; #p < 0.05 vs. 8 mg/kg calycosin; $p < 0.05 vs. 20 μg/kg E2.