Research Paper Volume 14, Issue 8 pp 3446—3463

Integrated analysis of 14 lymphoma datasets revealed high expression of CXCL14 promotes cell migration in mantle cell lymphoma


Figure 2. Expression profiles of cytokines in three types of lymphoma. (A) Interleukins. (B) Chemokines. (C) Interferons. (D) Colony stimulating factors. (E) Tumor necrosis factors. The length of the bar indicates the log2(fold-change) between lymphoma samples and controls. The red, green, and gray colors represent the up-regulated genes, down-regulated genes, and no change genes, respectively. The dotted line in the box indicates the log2FC = 1. Abbreviations: HL: Hodgkin's lymphoma; DLBCL: diffuse large B-cell lymphoma; MCL: mantle cell lymphoma.