Research Paper Volume 14, Issue 8 pp 3337—3364

Muscle fiber type-dependence effect of exercise on genomic networks in aged mice models


Figure 2. Top 30 DEGs between “YC vs. OC” in SOL and GAS and Venn diagram to find commonly expressed DEGs. The point sizes of (A) and (B) represent ‒log10 (p-value). For (A) and (B), blue points indicate upregulated genes, and red points indicate downregulated genes. (A) Top 30 DEGs in GAS OC/YC. (B) Top 30 DEGs in SOL OC/YC. (C) Venn diagram of DEGs between YC and OC in SOL and GAS. For commonly expressed genes, detailed fold changes and p-values are shown in the Table 1.