Research Paper Volume 14, Issue 8 pp 3337—3364

Muscle fiber type-dependence effect of exercise on genomic networks in aged mice models


Figure 7. Heatmap and GSEA results for HALLMARK_MYOGENESIS in “YC vs. OC”, “YC vs. YE”, and “OC vs. OE” in SOL and GAS. The heatmap and enrichment plot between (A) SOL YC vs. SOL OC, (B) GAS YC vs. GAS YE, (C) SOL YC vs. SOL YE, (D) GAS OC vs. GAS OE, and (E) SOL OC vs. SOL OE. For the color of the heatmap, yellow indicates upregulated genes, and purple indicates downregulated genes. The significant results of GSEA other than HALLMARK_MYOGENESIS are listed in Tables 813.