Research Paper Volume 14, Issue 9 pp 3910—3920

Vascular function in the aging human brain during muscle exertion


Figure 4. Maximal voluntary muscle strength and brain hemodynamic fluctuation at higher ages. Both maximum handgrip strength (A) and lean body mass (B) of adults aged >50 y were moderately lower than their young age counterparts. BOV was low (<10) across a wide range of relative muscle strength (kg/lean mass in kg) among participants (C). Participants with high voluntary muscle strength shows mostly low BHV during maximal handgrip contraction (D), suggesting a low vascular compensating effort to limit oxygen fluctuation within a small range. *α < 0.05 compared against the young control adults (20–29 y). Abbreviations: SD: standard deviation of the 300 optical data in 30 sec; BOV: brain oxygenation variability; BHV: brain hemodynamic variability.