Research Paper Volume 14, Issue 9 pp 4137—4157

LncRNA CRART16/miR-122-5p/FOS axis promotes angiogenesis of gastric cancer by upregulating VEGFD expression


Figure 1. Gastric cancer tissues express a higher level of CRART16, and the higher level of CRART16 correlates with lower overall survival of gastric cancer patients. (A) CRART16 expression levels in normal and cancerous tissues from the TCGA-STAD dataset (*P = 0.039). (B) Survival curves of patients with gastric cancer from TCGA-STAD dataset based on their CRART16 expression level (P = 0.089). (C) Compared with normal gastric tissues, cancerous tissues from our institution expressed a higher level of CRART16 (***P < 0.001). (D) Cancerous tissues from stage III/IV gastric cancer expressed significantly higher levels of CRART16 than those from stage I/II gastric cancer (*P = 0.018). (E) The survival curves of gastric cancer patients from our institution were based on their CRART16 expression (log-rank test: χ2 = 4.394, *P = 0.036).