Research Paper Volume 14, Issue 14 pp 5710—5726

Sofosbuvir induces gene expression for promoting cell proliferation and migration of hepatocellular carcinoma cells


Figure 5. Effects of siRNA against candidate genes on cell migration in SOF treated OR-6 and Huh 7.5.1 cells. OR-6 (A) and Huh 7.5.1 cells (B) were transfected with non-targeting siRNA (si-Ctrl) or siRNA against PHOSPHO2-KLHL23, TSNAX-DISC1, TRIM39 and RPP21 for 48 hrs. The cells were seeded on well chamber and treated with SOF 1 μM for 24 hrs to determine the effects of the genes in migration activity. The same control (siCtrl) is shown to compare differential migratory effects of each gene silencing in cells with or without SOF treatment. The migratory distance of the cells was quantified with ImageJ software and expressed as the mean ± SD from three independent experiments. (*p < 0.05; **p < 0.01; ***p < 0.001).