Research Paper Volume 14, Issue 14 pp 5768—5782

Identification of the ferroptosis-related ceRNA network related to prognosis and tumor immunity for gastric cancer


Figure 2. Expression correlation analysis of SLC1A5 and (A) hsa-miR-125b-5p, (B) hsa-miR-199b-5p. Differential expression analysis of (C) hsa-miR-125b-5p, (D) hsa-miR-199b-5p in normal samples and GC samples. The GC samples were divided into high and low expression groups according to the miRNA expression level. Survival analysis of (E) hsa-miR-125b-5p, (F) hsa-miR-199b-5p. Survival analysis shows that hsa-miR-125b-5p and hsa-miR-199b-5p are associated with overall survival (OS). The x-axis depicts the time of overall survival and the y-axis depicts the cumulative survival rate.