Research Paper Volume 14, Issue 14 pp 5783—5799

The miR-590-3p/CFHR3/STAT3 signaling pathway promotes cell proliferation and metastasis in hepatocellular carcinoma


Figure 3. CFHR3 is a critical effector for miR-590-3p in the regulation of HCC cell malignant phenotypes. (A, B) The difference for OS rates (A) or DFS rates (B) between HCC patients with low and high miR-590-3p levels in HCC tissues is shown as a survival curve, respectively. (C) An analysis shows linear regressions and Pearson correlations between CFHR3 and miR-590-3p levels in HCC tissues in the TCGA database. (D) The levels of miR-590-3p in five HCC cell lines and normal liver cells (MIHA) were determined by qPCR. (E, F) GSEA plots show enrichment of gene signatures associated with the liver cancer proliferation and metastasis in HCC tissues with a miR-590-3p high as compared with miR-590-3p low (E, Chiang Liver Cancer Subclass Proliferation Up; F, Roessler Liver Cancer Metastasis Up). (GJ) MHCC-97L cells were treated with the indicated concentration of miR-590-3p precursor, and CFHR3 protein levels (G), cell growth (H), migration, and invasion (I, J) were determined. (Remarks: * represents P < 0.05; ** represents P < 0.01; Data are presented as mean ± SD).