Research Paper Volume 14, Issue 14 pp 5908—5924

microRNA-497 prevents pancreatic cancer stem cell gemcitabine resistance, migration, and invasion by directly targeting nuclear factor kappa B 1


Figure 6. NFκB1 was identified as a direct target of miR-497. The binding sites for miR-497 and NFκB1 were predicted using miRanda software (A). The levels of NFκB1 expression were examined in pancreatic cancer (B) and in CSCs and non-CSCs from pancreatic cancer cell lines (C). The interaction between miR-497 and NFκB1 in AsPC-1 and BxPC-3 cells was examined by luciferase reporter assays (D). N, normal pancreatic tissue; T, pancreatic tumor; CSCs, cancer stem cells; Mut, mutant; WT, wild type.