Research Paper Volume 14, Issue 14 pp 5908—5924

microRNA-497 prevents pancreatic cancer stem cell gemcitabine resistance, migration, and invasion by directly targeting nuclear factor kappa B 1


Figure 8. MiR-497 mimics significantly inhibited gemcitabine-induced decreases in pancreatic cancer cell migration and invasion. CSCs and non-CSCs derived from populations of AsPC-1 or BxPC-3 cells were transfected with an NFκB1 overexpression vector, empty vector alone, or in combination with miR-497 mimics and then exposed to gemcitabine. After 24 h of treatment, the migration (A) and invasion (B) capabilities of the cells were examined. ***P< 0.001, compared to the Vector group; ###P< 0.001, compared to the Vector+gemcitabine group. ∆∆P<0.01, Vector+gemcitabine group. Data are shown as mean ± SEM. All experiments were repeated at least three independent experiments.