Research Paper Volume 14, Issue 15 pp 6227—6254

CBXs-related prognostic gene signature correlates with immune microenvironment in gastric cancer


Figure 5. Relationship between CBXs and molecular subtypes in gastric cancer in TISIDB. (A) CBX1; (B) CBX2; (C) CBX3; (D) CBX4; (E) CBX5; (F) CBX6; (G) CBX7; (H) CBX8. Abbreviations: CIN: chromosomal instability (n = 223); EBV: Epstein–Barr virus positive (n = 30); GS: genomically stable (n = 50); HM-SNV: hypermutated-single-nucleotide variant predominant (n = 7) and HM-indel: hypermutated-insertion deletion mutation (n = 73).