Research Paper Volume 14, Issue 19 pp 7650—7661

Senolytic elimination of senescent macrophages restores muscle stem cell function in severely dystrophic muscle


Figure 3. Fisetin treatment specifically remove senescent macrophages from mdx/utro(−/−) mouse. (A) Real time-PCR result of gene expression level of SASP factors, p16 and IL-10 in WT and mdx/utro(−/−) macrophages (n = 3 cell lineages). (B) Staining of SA-β-Gal in 4 groups of macrophages with fluorescent Senescence Assay Kit. Fisetin was applied to treat the WT and mdx/utro(−/−) macrophages for 48 hr at 20 μM of concentration. (C) Statistics of SA-β-Gal+ cells in 4 groups of cells. n = 6 (3 cell lineages x 2 replicates/group). Data are presented as mean +/− SD.