Research Paper Volume 14, Issue 19 pp 7650—7661

Senolytic elimination of senescent macrophages restores muscle stem cell function in severely dystrophic muscle


Figure 4. Macrophages from mdx/utro(−/−) muscle impair the function of co-cultured MPCs, which can be rescued with senolytic drug. (A) The progression of myotube formation was tracked in the myogenesis assay of WT MPCs co-cultured with WT or mdx/utro(−/−) macrophages, with or without fisetin treatment (20 μM, 96 h). (B) Schematic demonstration of the cell co-culture system of WT or mdx/utro(−/−) macrophages (upper chamber) and WT MPCs (lower chamber). (C) Statistics of result for myogenesis assay. (D) Statistics of result for proliferation assay. n = 6 (3 cell lineages x 2 replicates/group). Data are presented as mean +/− SD.