Research Paper Volume 14, Issue 18 pp 7408—7415

CircKIF4A promotes non-small cell lung cancer proliferation and metastasis through MiR-1238/CLDN14 axis


Figure 2. Knockdown of circKIF4A suppresses NSCLC cell proliferation and metastasis (*P < 0.05, **P < 0.01). (A) siRNAs were used to knockdown circKIF4A expression. (B) CCK-8 assay was performed to investigate cell proliferation ability. (C) Colony formation assay was conducted to reveal cell colony-forming ability. (D) Barplot drawn by ImageJ. (E) The result of transwell assay. (F) Barplot drawn by ImageJ. (G) Mouse xenograft models were used to evaluate circKIF4A function in vivo. (H) Result of xenograft tumor weights.