Research Paper Volume 14, Issue 19 pp 7824—7850

DNA methylation regulator-mediated modification patterns and tumor microenvironment characterization in glioma


Figure 2. Characterization of distinct DNA methylation modification patterns in the gathered glioma cohort. (A) Consensus clustering matrix of the gather glioma cohort for k = 3. (B) Unsupervised clustering of 20 DNA methylation regulators in the gather glioma cohort. The glioma samples were annotated according to the DNA methylation regulator patterns, glioma grades, 1p19q codeletion status, and IDH status. (C) PCA confirmed three distinct patterns based on the expression of the 20 DNA methylation regulator in 2228 glioma samples. (D) Kaplan-Meier survival curve analysis showed the OS of glioma samples belonging to the three DNA methylation regulator patterns based on gather glioma cohorts. (E, F) GSVA analysis shows relatively enriched hallmark gene sets among the three patterns.