Research Paper Volume 14, Issue 22 pp 8970—8981

Antrodia Camphorata Polysaccharide activates autophagy and regulates NLRP3 degradation to improve liver injury-related inflammatory response


Figure 5. ACP suppressed liver injury in mice (n=5). (A) In H&E staining, obvious inflammatory response and injury were observed in liver tissues of D/L group, along with distinct bubble-like lesions, while ACP suppressed tissue inflammation and alleviated injury. (B) In NLRP3 staining, NLRP3 expression significantly increased in D/L group, while it was not expressed in Control group, demonstrating that liver injury led to NLRP3 activation. ACP dramatically reduced NLRP3 expression in tissues, and the difference was significant compared with D/L group. (C, D) In ALT and AST detection, ACP alleviated liver injury, and reduced ALT and AST expression in a dose-dependent manner. *P<0.05 compared with Control, #P<0.05 compared with D/L.