Research Paper Volume 14, Issue 21 pp 8615—8632

IGF1 gene therapy in middle-aged female rats delays reproductive senescence through its effects on hypothalamic GnRH and kisspeptin neurons


Figure 3. Serum hormone levels in M-A rats before and after IGF1 gene therapy. Blood samples were collected from the tail veins at the beginning (pre-treatment) and at the end of the study. Column height and bar above represents mean and SD respectively (Estradiol: NRAd-IGF1 = 5; NPBS= 5. LH: NRAd-IGF1 = 7; NPBS = 6). ANOVA followed by the Bonferroni’s multiple comparisons test was used. Asterisks indicate significant (*p < 0.05) differences vs. pretreatment value. Figure 3Estradiol post hoc power (1-β) analysis: 0. 5592 (both factors); Figure 3LH post hoc power (1-β) analysis: 0. 6834 (both factors).