Research Paper Volume 14, Issue 21 pp 8615—8632

IGF1 gene therapy in middle-aged female rats delays reproductive senescence through its effects on hypothalamic GnRH and kisspeptin neurons


Figure 5. IGF1 gene therapy effect on the kisspeptin immunopositive cells. (A and B) Quantification of kisspeptin immunopositive cells. Error bars represent SD (NRAd-IGF1 = 7; NPBS = 4). Two-tailed t-test was used. Asterisks indicate significant (**p < 0.005; ***p < 0.001) differences. Figure 5A post hoc power (1-β) analysis: 0.7533; Figure 5B post hoc power (1-β) analysis: 0.9999. (CF) Immunohistochemistry for kisspeptin of control (PBS) and experimental (RAd-IGF1) rat’s brain slides at a magnification of 40× (scale bar: 500 microns), with insets at a magnification of 600× (scale bar: 50 microns). 3V: third ventricle; ac: anterior commissure.