Research Paper Volume 14, Issue 22 pp 8900—8913

Denervation induces mitochondrial decline and exacerbates lysosome dysfunction in middle-aged mice


Figure 2. PCG-1α and mitochondrial protein content in young and middle-aged control and denervated skeletal muscle. (A) Representative western blot for PGC-1α and OXPHOS components. Quantification of (B) PGC-1α protein; and (C) OXPHOS components and total OXPHOS protein in skeletal muscle. All values were corrected to Ponceau stain (P.S.), and values are reported as means ± SEM, in A.U. Main effects of 2-way ANOVA are represented at p<0.05. # represents significance of a 1-way ANOVA on total OXPHOS protein. Post-hoc trends are represented on graphs. N=12/young and middle-aged control, N=4/denervation time point.