Research Paper Volume 14, Issue 21 pp 8783—8804

Multilevel data integration and molecular docking approach to systematically elucidate the underlying pharmacological mechanisms of Er-Zhi-Wan against hepatocellular carcinoma


Figure 8. Prognostic analysis of cellular senescence-related genes and establishment of a prognostic model. (A) Venn diagram identified cellular senescence-related genes among 66 therapeutic targets. (B) Heatmap analysis of the expression patterns of 10 cellular senescence-related genes in 14 pairs of adjacent nontumor liver tissues and hepatocellular carcinoma tissues. (C) Forest plot of univariate Cox analysis of 10 cellular senescence-related genes. (D) Correlation network of 10 cellular senescence-related genes. (E) LASSO coefficient profiles of 10 cellular senescence-related genes. (F) Cross-validation for tuning parameter selection in LASSO regression. (G) The distribution of risk scores, gene expression levels, and survival status of LIHC patients in the training cohort. (H) Kaplan–Meier curves of the OS of all LIHC patients in the TCGA cohort based on the risk score. (I) Time-dependent ROC curve analysis of the prognostic model (1, 3, and 5 years).