Research Paper Volume 14, Issue 22 pp 9020—9036

Molecular subtypes identified by pyroptosis-related genes are associated with tumor microenvironment cell infiltration in colon cancer


Figure 5. Characteristics of PyroSig in tumor somatic mutation. (A) Kaplan-Meier curves showing the survival analyses of high and low PyroSig groups in TCGA-COAD cohort. (B) Differences in PyroSig between distinct TCGA colon cancer molecular subtypes. (C) Differences in PyroSig between different microsatellite status. (D, E) The waterfall plot showing the differences of TMB landscape between low and high PyroSig groups. (D) High PyroSig group. (E) Low PyroSig group. (F) Differences in tumor burden mutation between low and high PyroSig groups. (G) Multivariate cox regression analysis for PyroSig in predicting patient’s survival. (H) ROC curves showing the predictive values of PyroSig in prognosis.