Research Paper Volume 14, Issue 22 pp 9056—9089

Circadian rhythm-related factors of PER and CRY family genes function as novel therapeutic targets and prognostic biomarkers in lung adenocarcinoma


Figure 1. Expression levels of period (PER) family (PER1, PER2, and PER3), cryptochrome (CRY) family (CRY1 and CRY2), and other circadian factors such as BMAL1 and CLOCK in different types of cancer (GEPIA). (AG) This figure shows mRNA expression levels of the PER and CRY families of circadian factors in different cancer tissues. If a cancer had significant overexpression of a gene, the name of the cancer is shown in red. Conversely, if a cancer had a significantly low expression of the gene, green color indicates the name of the cancer.