Research Paper Volume 14, Issue 22 pp 9090—9102

A novel risk score model based on four angiogenesis long non-coding RNAs for prognosis evaluation of pancreatic adenocarcinoma


Figure 7. The expression levels of CASC8, AC015660.1, Z97832.2 and PAN3-AS1 in cell lines and clinical samples. The qPCR results of CASC8, AC015660.1, Z97832.2 and PAN3-AS1 in PAAD cell lines (BXPC3, PANC1, ASPC1 and COLO357), pancreatic epithelium cell (HPDE6-C7) (A), PAAD tumor tissues, tumor tissues with different grade and T-stage and adjacent normal tissues (BD). CASC8 and AC015660.1 were highly expressed in PAAD cell lines (A), PAAD tissues (B), advanced grade (C) and advanced T-stage (D). While the expression of Z97832.2 and PAN3-AS1 increased in pancreatic epithelium cell (A), adjacent normal tissues (B), early grade (C) and early stage (D).