Research Paper Volume 14, Issue 24 pp 9805—9817

12-year evolution of multimorbidity patterns among older adults based on Hidden Markov Models


Figure 1. Evolution and transitions of multimorbidity patterns over time by age group (N=3,363). Sexagenarians: Unspecific (Unsp); Cardiovascular and anemia (CV and Anemia); Cardio-metabolic (Cardio-Meta) and Psychiatric-endocrine and sensorial (Psy-Endoc and Sens). Septuagenarians: Unspecific (Unsp); Cardiovascular and diabetes (CV and Diab); Neuro-vascular and skin-sensorial (NeuroVasc and Skin); and Neuro-psychiatric and sensorial (NeuroPsy and Sens). Octogenarians and beyond: Unspecific (Unsp); Respiratory-circulatory and skin (Resp-Circula and Skin); Cardio-respiratory and neurological (CardioResp and Neuro); and Neuro-sensorial (Neuro-Sens).