Research Paper Volume 14, Issue 24 pp 9805—9817

12-year evolution of multimorbidity patterns among older adults based on Hidden Markov Models


Figure 3. Longitudinal trends (predicted values from linear mixed models) in clinical and functional characteristics associated with the multimorbidity patterns by age group (N=3,363). Sexagenarians: Unspecific (Unsp); Cardiovascular and anemia (CV and Anemia); Cardio-metabolic (Cardio-Meta) and Psychiatric-endocrine and sensorial (Psy-Endoc and Sens). Septuagenarians: Unspecific (Unsp); Cardiovascular and diabetes (CV and Diab); Neuro-vascular and skin-sensorial (NeuroVasc and Skin); and Neuro-psychiatric and sensorial (NeuroPsy and Sens). Octogenarians and beyond: Unspecific (Unsp); Respiratory-circulatory and skin (Resp-Circula and Skin); Cardio-respiratory and neurological (CardioResp and Neuro); and Neuro-sensorial (Neuro-Sens). MMSE: Mini Mental State Examination.