Research Paper Volume 15, Issue 8 pp 2877—2890

LINC01296 promotes proliferation of cutaneous malignant melanoma by regulating miR-324-3p/MAPK1 axis


Figure 1. Identification of LINC01296 as an up-regulated lncRNA in CMM. (A) GEPIA database results about the up-expression of LINC01296 in CMM tissues. (B) LINC01296 expression in CMM tissues and adjacent non-cancerous tissues from GEPIA database. (C) qRT-PCR analysis of the expression level of LINC01296 in 30 paired CMM tissues and the adjacent non-cancerous tissues. (D) LINC01296 expression level in CMM cell lines and human epidermal melanocytes, adult cell line (HEMa-LP) were detected by qRT-PCR analysis. All of data were analyzed from three independent experiments. * P < 0.05; ** P < 0.01,*** P <0.001 vs. control group.